Company Structure

ALSA Develops Pty Ltd is the South African-registered parent company for project specific ALSA companies, each of which is an independent and fully resourced operating business, under the strategic leadership of ALSA Develops. These companies house the financial and operational control of the project, whilst allowing for increased local shareholding by South African entities specific to that project. Currently there are three project specific companies:

  • ALSA Develops Marikana Pty Ltd
  • ALSA Develops Protea Glen Pty Ltd
  • ALSA Develops George Pty Ltd

The aim is to create regional companies such as ALSA Gauteng, ALSA Western Cape and ALSA North West (already established). These companies would house the project specific special purpose vehicles and conduct due diligences for acquisition within these regions.

Company Ownership

ALSA Develops (Pty) Ltd was established in South Africa in 2007. It is currently 75% owned by ALSA BV and 25% owned by a BEE partner. ALSA intends to increase South African shareholding significantly.


ALSA BV is a dynamic housing development and consultancy organisation, registered in the Netherlands in 2006.


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